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Pagewood Lappie Picnic

What do you get when you combine 20 Finnish Lapphunds, a sunny Sunday and an enclosed dog park with water sprinklers and mud? A Lappie Picnic of course!!!!

As the hot summer months fade away and the clocks go back it’s time to get out and about with our Lappies. In the past, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney has felt very left out of all Lappie happenings, hardly aware that there are other Finnish Lapphunds around here - but as the population of Lappies grows and spreads across NSW, thats all changing and there are more Lappies to be found in this neck of the woods.

The date was set for Sunday April 8th in a Lappie friendly enclosed dog park in Pagewood. The sun shone for our special day. The turn out was spectacular with Lappies coming from far and wide, even beyond Sydney (as well as an honorary Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). In the Lappie community we don’t discriminate. There were many familiar faces and new ones too, with loveable Lappies from a cross section of breeders. For some

puppies this was their first ever Lappie Picnic and they had energy aplenty to burn.

It’s such a wonderful sight to see our Finnish Lapphunds get together. They all really know how to play and party on in their own very distinctive way that no other dog could understand. There was plenty of running and roughhousing and herding going on. Not a single party pooper among them (no pun intended). All we needed were some reindeers. However not to worry, the local council provided the entertainment with their perfectly timed water sprinklers, just as the temperature started to rise. Even better was when the irrigation system sprung a leak and voila, a “dog-made” lake was created together with lots of mud to run, splash and play in!

Two hours later and many sopping wet and filthy bundles of fur were ready to go home for a good sleep. Some were so tired they could hardly walk to their cars. A good time was had by all.

As we said our farewells we all looked forward to many more of these gatherings in the future across the state and we can’t wait to meet more new Lappies and their humans.

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