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Leptospirosis in Dogs- Webinar


With Leptospirosis cases in the Greater Sydney, Wollongong and rural areas of NSW in 2021, it is a current concern for Lappie owners. Dr Jaime Jackson has kindly agreed to feature in a webinar for the club, to share information about this disease, how to prevent, and answer your questions.

This webinar is free for members (use the code 'member' when purchasing your ticket), and $10 for non members.

What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that is excreted in urine from infected animals. Rats and mice are a common transmitting animal, but can be transmitted by various wild and domestic animals. It gets into soil and water, where it can survive there for weeks to months. It can then enter a new animals bloodstream through a a scratch or wound on the skin, drinking contaminated water or through eating the infected animal. It is zoonotic, meaning it can pass from animals to humans.

History in Sydney

There have been multiple cases of Lepto in inner Sydney over the past two years, sadly most of the affected dogs did not survive. So this is one to take very seriously. Previously it has been pretty much confined to inner Sydney areas, as this area battled an increasing rat population, and there was wet weather (and in turn stagnant water) for many parts of last year. However now an increase in activity is being seen in Greater Sydney, Wollongong and rural areas in NSW due to increased vermin activity and spread.

Further Information and Booking

For further information and to book your spot in the webinar, please go to-

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