Upcoming Events

  • Annual Dog Lover's Show
    August 7th-8th
    Sydney Showground, Olympic Park
    August 7th-8th
    Sydney Showground, Olympic Park , 1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
    The Annual Dog Lover's show is back! The FLCNSW will have a stand on the 7th and 8th of August, 2021. You can bring along your Lappies, get to know the breed, meet with breeders and much more. The FLCNSW is looking forward to seeing you there!

We promote and support the Finnish Lapphund breed in New South Wales




We are here for the love of dogs.

There are so many competing demands on our time in modern life but we believe that our dogs are so special that they should be a major meaningful and engaging part of our lives.

A lappie is not a dog to leave in the backyard.

We want our club to help you enjoy every aspect of being a lappie owner.

Family dog, therapy dog, show dog, agility and performance sports dog, lappies are versatile! They are loving and people-oriented. Our vision is to support and maintain a great love of the breed, through active engagement with your lappie companions.

Our major event fixture is our Annual Breed Specialty Show. We run a range of other lappie-oriented activities throughout the year so be sure to check out our events page

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Dogs NSW Affiliated Breed Club

A not for profit community organisation

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