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In the beginning.....

The Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW was founded by Lappie enthusiasts in September 2011. Although Finnish Lapphunds had been shown in NSW since the late 1990’s, interest in the breed and availability of puppies was minimal. Up until this point in time, informal Lappie picnics and gatherings were held by Lappie enthusiastics. By 2011, there was an Australian breed population is 349 Lapphunds. A group from the NSW Lappie community founded the club, and gained affiliation with Dogs NSW. 

Since this date, the Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW has held a breed speciality each year, hosted many Lappie picnics, held breed stands at numerous community events and provided educational opportunities for members. 


The Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW is a not for profit association. We are operate entirely on volunteers, who kindly provide their time and skills to benefit the club and its members.

With a breed population of over 1,200 Finnish Lapphunds in Australia at the time of writing (2018), the Finnish Lapphund Club of New South Wales sees itself as an information centre for all things Lappie for the people of NSW, now, and into the future.

Finnish Lapphund friends picnic August 2011

FLCNSW grooming demonstration March 2015

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