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For further information on Finnish Lapphunds, sports and dogs in general

ANKC breed standards are the guidelines that ethical registered breeders use to help them make decisions in their breeding. The standard provides a blueprint, describing the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance of the Finnish Lapphund breed, ensuring that the dog is sound of body and fit for function. 

Through the combined efforts of the Finnish Lapphund Clubs of Victoria and NSW and in consultation with breeders across Australia, the ANKC also recognises a Breed Standard Extension, which provides an even more detailed set of guidelines for the appearance of the Finnish Lapphund. It is based on the original document used to train judges in Finland and endorsed by the Lappalaiskoirat Ry (The Lapphund Club of Finland). 
Breed Standard

Revised FCI Standard No 189 dated 12 March 1999

Effective in Australia from 1 January 2000

Country of Origin:  Finland

Translated by:  The Finnish Kennel Club

Last updated: 22 Feb 2017

Breed Standard Extension

Produced by the Finnish Lapphund Club of Victoria Inc in conjunction with the Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW Inc and in collaboration with the Australian National Kennel Council

Last updated: 2015

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