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Information about welcoming a Finnish Lapphund puppy to your family

We all love puppies, and the bond between a well-loved dog and a dedicated owner is both unique and special. However, being a dog owner comes with responsibilities as well. You must ensure that your dog’s health, welfare and wellbeing are looked after. In deciding that you want a dog to be part of your life, it is very important that you ask yourself a few questions.

• Why do you want a Finnish Lapphund?
• Can I afford the cost of bringing up a puppy?
• Am I committed to sharing and caring for this dog for the next 10-15 years?
• Will a Finnish Lapphund suit my lifestyle?
• Is a Finnish Lapphund puppy suitable to be with my children?
• Do I have enough time for training, grooming and exercising a Finnish Lapphund?

If you genuinely feel that you have sufficent time and the commitment to be a responsible Finnish Lapphund owner, fantastic, you will make a wonderful owner!

To view puppy listings go to our Available Puppies page

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