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Honouring Lappies in Australia that have achieved success in their chosen field.


Lapphunds are a versatile dog that excel in various dog sports and activities. Here, we celebrate Lappies that have achieved success in dog sports, or made a considerable contribution to their local community or society. 

To be added to the honour roll for a particular discipline, a candidate needs to have achieved one of the following:

  • Achieved an ANKC recognised title

  • Achieved a title recognised by other Australian sporting bodies

  • Approved as a therapy dog, and have completed a minimum 15 facility appointments

  • Other achievements will be considered by the committee, please email

And the owner of the Lapphund is a member of the Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW. 

Honour roll submission form.


Grand Ch Orical Kirsi of Jove (AI) Owner: Katrina Long


Grand Ch. Orical Juha of Arcadia ET. WPD. Owned by: Kaylene Innes


Neuter Ch. Orical John of Deatnu RA. WPD. ET. FS.S. HTM.S


Ch. Orical Liz of Finlandia WPD. Owned by: Rita Petrzalka


Ch Orical Jukka of Finlandia RN. WPD. Owner: Tim Chan


Orical Ilkka of Finlandia ET. WPD. Owner: Mark & Louise Fulton

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