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Recommendation A

Only dogs that can mate naturally should be used for breeding.  Artificial insemination (AI) should not be used to overcome an unwillingness or inability to mate normally on the part of the bitch or the male.  A bitch should be excluded from further breeding  if she cannot care for her puppies due to her mental state. 




It is important for breeders in Australia to self-regulate and not use AI in animals that are repeatedly proven to be temperamentally unwilling or physically unable to mate.


Genetic factors may influence the success of reproduction. The Finnish Lapphund generally whelps easily.  The FLCNSW reaffirms the importance of maintaining this ability to mate and whelp without assistance.


The overarching intent of these recommendations to preserve and enhance the soundness and genetic diversity of the breed. Sometimes the genetic health and diversity of the breed may be enhanced by the use of older dogs that have not been previously used at stud.  This recommendation  is not intended to limit the use of inexperienced but otherwise desirable stud dogs.


If a planned mating with a health-tested, previously unused older sire is unsuccessful, and the alternative would be the loss of a diverse bloodline, warm AI remains a sensible option. For bitches, expert veterinary advice should be sought to determine whether the underlying cause of whelping or mothering difficulties is likely to be repeated.

This Recommendation is supported by FKC-JBS, JTO, and the FCI-IBS

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