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 for the Finnish Lapphund Breed

The Finnish Lapphund is a primitive spitz breed with moderate unexaggerated conformation.  The Finnish Lapphund should be intelligent, courageous, calm and willing to learn, friendly and loyal.


The Finnish Lapphund of the future should be a mentally and physically healthy breed with the broadest possible genetic base and healthy longevity.   The necessary temperament and conformational  features that allow for a sound working dog should be maintained.


The Finnish lapphund breed standard has always been kept fairly loose. Small conformational differences have not been deciding factors in the show ring or in selection of breeding stock.

Thus the breed has remained delightfully diverse, albeit with enough shared type to remain recognisable as a defined breed.  


There are many delightful, almost perfect Finnish Lapphund dogs with distinctly unique personalities both in their nature, and in appearance. The great wealth of the breed is that two identical Finnish Lapphund dogs do not exist. This is something to cherish.


Breeders bear a heavy responsibility in the fight against hereditary defects within the breed.  Because it is they who will make the final selection of breeding dogs, it is vital that they are familiar with heritable problems both within their breeding lines and within the breed.


The  general principle of free and open disclosure for both positive and negative health-relevant information is warmly encouraged. Transparency in the flow of health information for all Finnish Lapphund owners is to be commended.


Finnish Lapphund puppies should experience a physically and mentally beneficial environment for as long as they remain in breeding homes, to lay the foundations that will ensure that the naturally positive temperament of the breed will shine into adulthood.


(Supported by: JTO and FCI Code of Ethics.

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