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The Finnish Lapphund Club at Dogs in the Park

Dear Members,

We are excited to be invited to the 'Dogs in the Park' series of events for 2022. Dogs in the Park is a not for profit organisation that organises and provides community dog events. They promote responsible pet ownership, education as well as holding stalls and dog related competitions. It's a fun day out for people and their dog- and for dog admirers, in their local community.

The Finnish Lapphund Club is proud to be apart of this event, and will have a breed stand at the following Dogs in the Park events:

29th May 2022 at Luddenham

19th June 2022 at Castle Hill

18th September 2022 at St Ives

25th September 2022 at Sutherland

If you are able to volunteer at our breed stand please get in touch with

It's fine if you can only assist on the one date. Volunteering involves bringing your Lappie along and hanging out at our breed stand, chatting to the general public about the breed while your Lappie receives lots of pats and cuddles (Lappie heaven!) The events start at 9am and generally finish around 2pm. It's fine if you can only assist for part of the day.

Please see event details here-

Further information about the Dogs in the Park events is here-


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