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Lapphund Club of Finland 50th Anniversary in 2020

Correspondence received from the Lapphund Club of Finland: Hi all breed club representatives!

And greetings from Finland. We have started planning on our breed clubs 50th anniversary which takes place in 2020. We have already decided that our main speciality show will take place in Rovaniemi in the end of March and our autumn speciality will take place in Lahti in beginning of Oktober. The dates will be closed in the Finnish Kennel Club in 2019. We want to build up an international forum by these weekends and would like to know what you would like us to put up then.

We have a committee that is already started building up what's coming on that year and they will also assist in everything if there is people willing to travel from abroad. If there is many, we will arrange rides from the nearest airports and train stations to the show venues etc. We will inform of this more closely. We have already decided too that the entry fee to our anniversary specialities will be -50% off the normal fee which has now been 27 e per dog. We are expecting to have huge specialities on that year.

But, just to be able to plan weekends that would be most helpful to your breedclubs as well, just let us know what kind of information would you like to get from us and what would you like to have and we will find out what are we able to put up with.

We are really looking forward to our anniversary and would be delighted if we could put up an international get together then.

With kind regards,

Marjo Berg


Lapphund club of Finland


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