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Pointscore 2018

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We recently held our final committee meeting for the 2017 year. At that meeting I submitted a motion to cease the running and administration of the club competition known as the ‘Pointscore’.

In this competition, points are awarded to the winning dogs at selected shows or performance events. It’s a reasonably common breed club activity in the Australian Pedigree Dog world. One of our key objectives as a club is to promote good fellowship and sportsmanship amongst members. By the end of the year it was apparent that the pointscore competition was not meeting this aim.

This motion was discussed, voted on, and carried. The club will not be administering either the performance or the conformation pointscore competitions in 2018.

The pointscore competition was not a standalone dog show or event in its own right. It’s important to note that there will be no changes whatsoever to any actual physical events in the Dogs NSW calendar. Frequent attenders at canine events still have the full range of competitive options to pursue.

Important events in the club fixture that can have more attention lavished on them include the border challenge, the specialty show, Cool season group activities and regular club non-competition events such as meet ups (casual and activity-specific).

The pointscore competition did have some worthy stated aims: To engage the show community, to encourage people new to the breed, and to allow the opportunity for potential puppy owners to meet and view a large number of Lapphunds. The committee is engaged in ongoing conversations and brainstorming as to how these stated aims can be better met. Some truly lovely ideas have flowed out of the discussion as to how to best meet these aims. If you have some unique ideas as to how club members can warmly foster and mentor interest in the breed, please do speak up and chat to one of the committee members.


COOL FACT Did you know??

Finnish Lapphunds represent only 1% of pedigree “Group 5 working dog” registrations in Australia. But at any given championship show in NSW this year, Between 5% and 20% of Working Dogs on show were our Lappies! We are punching well above our weight in numbers on the show scene!

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