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Semen Bank

Imagine if the CSIRO, the ANKC and the breed clubs all teamed up to create a gene bank to preserve Australia’s native dog breeds.

It’s tough to imagine such a thing isn’t it!! But that’s just what’s happening in Finland. Finland takes it’s national and native breeds pretty seriously.

The Finnish Natural Resources Institute is a science and research organisation with no direct equivalent in Australia. Together with the breed clubs, they are creating a diverse semen bank so that if anything ever happens to the native dog breeds, they can be recreated. 25 to 30 dogs are planned to be collected for all of the native breeds. The first Lappie collection is from a very special boy: He has amazing health results, is impossibly handsome, and he is NOT from the hype and glamour of the show circuit. His name is Ninkinsaaren August. Check him out!

Nikinsaaren August

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