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April Fools'! EOI: Breed in Development: Shalaika Australia

April fools'

Some of you may be aware of the “Sulimov Dog”: A breed developed in Russia with a cross between Lapponian Herders and Jackals. The dogs are fertile and are used for Airport Security, particularly as sniffer dogs.

Klim Sulimov, the breed creator, has a contract with Kola Russia (a science research institute) and funding from private interests (Shalaika Australia Pty. Ltd.) to expand the program to other primitive breeds. The dingo was identified as a breed of key interest. The new hybrid is planned as a dingo/spitz/jackal hybrid. Only the jackals are to be imported. As there are no Lapponian Herders in Australia, Lapphunds with their overlapping breed origins have been identified as the best domestic breed for development of the new hybrid breed.

An ANKC breed development program application is underway.

Expressions of interest are sought from owners of entire male Lappies age 2-6 and bitches age 2-3 to assist with the breed development. Dogs with demonstrated ability in track an search are preferred but not essential.

Under the contract conditions there won’t be an option to retain any of the puppies but it would certainly be fascinating to raise a litter.

If interested, please email the health officer in the first instance:

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