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Breed Health Data

Good quality data is the only way to work out trends and patterns in health and illness. Scandinavia and Finland have always led the world in collecting HUMAN health data. It turns out that they are quite excellent at collecting data about our dogs too. The Lappalaiskoirat Ry (Lapphund Club of Finland) have reached out to Lappie breeders in English Speaking countries. They would like our help to collect data about Lappie health and illness.

Email received:

Dear Finnish Lapphund breeder, Every year the Finnish Lapphund Breeding Committee of the Lapphund Club of Finland sends out a reminder to all breeders in Finland about submitting health information on dogs bred by them. We are now reaching out to breeders outside of Finland, too.

Please help us collect health data either by filling out this form (one form per dog per disease/defect):

or by listing the diseases and defects, together with the pedigree names and registration numbers of the dogs and their parents, in an email message and sending it to Make sure that you have the owner's permission to submit the information.

What is more, do let us know whether the information can be released on the club’s website:

Alternatively, you can choose to keep the information confidential, only intended to be seen by the Breeding Committee. For more information, contact us at Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

BR, Finnish Lapphund Breeding Committee The Lapphund Club of Finland


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