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Call for submissions: program to acknowledge the achievements of our members

This is a call-out for you to share your ideas. In lieu of the pointscore competitions we are keen to launch a program to acknowledge the achievements of our members. The objectives of this would be:

  • To acknowledge the achievements of owners and their Lappies

  • To encourage new Lappie owners to participate in sports and conformation showing with their Lappie

  • To foster good sportsmanship within the Lappie community

  • To promote and support the versatility of the breed in multiple activities

Submissions can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Suggestions to date include: providing specific acknowledgement for newcomers, an ‘achievement’ system that is cumulative, non-annual and not directly competitive, prioritising performance and obedience/therapy activities over conformation which already has several mechanisms to recognise the highest achievers.

Please send your ideas and submissions:

  • PDF format or in the body of an email

  • Submissions open to all members

  • Email to

  • Closing date: 22nd May 2018

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