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Dogs on Show Schedule and Map

Thank you to our wonderful members who have volunteered to assist at our breed stand at the 2018 'Dogs on Show' event, hosted by Dogs NSW. I have sent each of you an email with the volunteer induction kit, map for the event, and schedule for the day. Please contact me at if you have indicated you can volunteer, but have not received this email.

Dogs on Show is held on Saturday 16th June and is open to members of the public and features an exciting array of breed stands and demonstrations. It is held at the Dogs NSW grounds at 44 Luddenham Rd, Orchard Hills.

Further information about the event may be found on our website.

Here is a map containing the location of ours, and other breed stands and vendors.

And here is the schedule of events, as published by Dogs NSW.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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