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Celebrating the Achievements of our Members Lappies


Thank you to our members who provided submissions for a new program to acknowledge the achievements of our members. All submissions were carefully reviewed by the committee in order to develop a new program that meets the needs and preferences of the membership.

The underlying theme from the majority of submissions was for the new program to encompass the following:

a) Celebrating all achievers, without an element of competition. The prevailing philosophy was this would assist in maintaining good sportsmanship in the community, and reward all owners who may partake in activities.

b) Celebrating a wide range of sports and activities, including ANKC sports, non ANKC sports and therapy dog work.

The new program

The new program consists of two initiatives:

1. Lappie Honour Roll

We have developed a page on our website which will serve as an honour roll for the achievements of members Lappies. This will feature the discipline the achievement was in, the Lappies registered name, pet name and owners name and a photo of the Lappie.

2. Tangible award, presented annually

The specifics are still being workshopped and further information will be released at a later date.

The membership year (July to June) will serve as the period for the awards period, commencing 1st July 2018. Lappies on the Honour Roll will remain on the honour roll for the life of the program (providing membership is maintained).

Members submit their Lappies achievements using the online form on the Honour Roll page.

The achievements recognised under this program include:

  • Titles issued by the ANKC

  • Titles issued by other Australian canine sporting bodies

  • Work completed by a therapy dog as part of a recognised program (e.g Delta Society). This includes a requirement of a minimum 15 facility visits (and evidence of this, such as a verifiable letter from the facility or the coordinating organisation).

If you would like to see other activities acknowledged through this program, please submit feedback per below.

Questions or Feedback

We encourage questions or feedback to be submitted to

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