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Entries are now open for the 2019 NSW Breed Specialty

Entries are open

Entries are now open to the 2019 NSW Breed Specialty. Entries are through online provider Easy Dog Entries, with entries closing on Monday 8th April 2019.

Breed and Property Class Judge Bio

I am Mr Esa Ruotsalainen and live in southern Finland with my family and dogs. I am very active both in judging and breeding dogs. I became an authorized judge in 2010 and have since been appointed to over 120 shows in 10 different European countries. Spitz breeds are very close to my heart and I am involved in training both breeders and new judges for them in several breed clubs so practically all of my weekends are spent with canine activities.

I have grown up with hunting Spitz breeds which we had at my childhood home. Later after moving to the city I acquired German Spitz Klein and had my first litter in 1997. Together with my wife we breed German Spitz Klein and Mittel, Pomeranian and Finnish Lapphund under Tirhan & Tempore prefixes.

The Finnish Kennel Club awards Vuolasvirta Prize for distinguished breeders and we have received it 4 different times. We also love dog shows and have gained over 120 International Champion titles to dogs bred or owned by us. Though, lately I've been more focused on judging.

Breed Lecture

Mr. Ruotsalainen has kindly agreed to deliver a breed lecture, to share his thoughts on the breed and provide comments from the days judging. This will be held at the Dogs NSW complex, shortly after the conclusion of judging and presentation.

Breed Lecture

The breed lecture will include light finger food, provided complimentary by the Finnish Lapphund Club of NSW.

Trainee and qualified judges are welcome to join.

Please RSVP to the breed lecture here.

Award Sponsorship

Award sponsorship has now opened.

Shows are expensive for a club to run, especially bringing in an international breed specialist. Our sponsors kindly assist with offsetting some of these costs. We greatly appreciate this assistance from the community. As a token of our appreciation, each sponsor's name/kennel name/Lappies name will be listed as the sponsor in the show catalogue and corresponding ribbon/rosette. We will also feature a photo of the sponsors Lappie in a gallery on our website. This gallery stays live on our website until shortly after the show. Sponsors names are then added to the gallery of winners on our website.

To sponsor an award, please complete this form. Payment is through Paypal, which is included in the online form. Please allow up to one week for it to be processed by our webmaster.

Further Information and Updates

Further information and updates can be found on the 2019 Breed Specialty page on our website.


If you have any questions about the specialty, please contact our Secretary on

We look forward to seeing you there!​​

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