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Dogs on Show- Call for volunteers

Dogs NSW are holding their annual 'Dogs on Show' event on Saturday 16th June 2018. This event show cases pedigree dogs and ANKC sports to the general public, and provides them with the opportunity to meet and interact various breeds.

We are holding a breed stand at this event, and are calling for members to assist with manning the stand. The event commences at 9am, and will conclude around 2-3pm. The requirements for volunteers include:

- A minimum 1-2 hour time commitment

- Bringing your well groomed Lappie on a leash

- Answering questions from the general public (don't worry, they are usually simple questions, and experienced members will be there to assist with more complex questions).

Entry is free and car parking is hassle free. There are many interesting stands and demonstrations that you will be able to visit on on day.

If you can assist, please register here-

If you have any questions, please contact our Event Coordinator, Lauren Mills at


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