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Croudace Bay Play Date

On the 7th of April, I had the lovely opportunity to meet up with two beautiful Newcastle lappies at Croudace Bay Park. An impromptu message led to Elkie and I fleeing from watching a soccer game to being knee-deep in the grass playing with some gorgeous lappies and getting a lot of attention from passersby wanting some cuddles, pats and a few questions answered about our furry companions.

Left to right - Teeko, Elkie and Leila hanging out

Many play bows, fun games and chases were had among the 3. Teeko was looking very handsome with his full-coat, so friendly and kind. Leila being the ever smiley little lass and Elkie's time was spent rolling around playing and being a model for the photographer as always. It was a great way to spend the weekend and can't wait to catch up again and hopefully meet more local lappies and pawrents from around Newcastle and the Hunter.

Elkie and Leila have even become the banner cover for the Croudace Bay Dog Park Facebook page. Talk about famous!

Comment below with your favourite dog parks and hangouts and maybe we'll find our next location for a meet up.

Photos taken by Steve Passlow (Leila's dad - please ask permission before using).

Photos include:

Orical Leila of Kiruna - Leila (Domino coloured)

Orical Carissa of Haapavesi - Elkie (Brown and tan coloured)

Orical Tyko of Lapponia - Teeko (Black and tan coloured)

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Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills
09 Απρ 2018

Croudace Bay is a great spot for a meet. My mum lives a quick walk away, at Eleebana. I'll give you her details so can see if she can come to the next one.

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