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Junior Handling at the Sydney Royal Easter Show

Author Jordan Long 8 years old

After many rounds of showing dogs at local shows, I decided to go to the Sydney Royal Easter show. At this point I realised that it was time to choose my friend for the day to show with me. Who else should I choose, I thought, other than my very own dog, my friend, Willow. She has always been a great shower for me, and she is a great dog with a great personality. This meant one thing though, lots of practice before the big day.

So for the next week I spent a little time each afternoon practicing with my girl, Willow. Despite a few minor hiccups during the week of practicing, I thought I was ready for the big day, showing in Junior Handling at the Sydney Royal.

However, I had forgotten one thing. As all 8 year old boys do, I have grown in the past few months and need a new suit for the occasion. Off we go, Mummy, Daddy and Jordan to grab a new suit. After a few minutes in the shop, we manage to find the perfect suit.

That takes me to Saturday, the big day. The Sydney Royal Easter show.... OK, big deep breathes.

Up we get, bright and early before the sun comes up. Such a gorgeous day, not too hot and not too cold. Away we go, Mummy, Daddy, Jordan and Willow, off to the Sydney Royal. Excitement begins to build as we get closer and closer.....

So we arrive at the Royal ready to go. We setup, and waited.... and waited...... for what seemed like forever. However Daddy and I looked around the show, and checked out the sights and sounds in what was turning out to be an awesome day. Then the time comes to show.

Mummy and Daddy quickly got me into my suit and before I know it, I am in the ring showing! Full of nerves I grab my girl, Willow and away we go. She performs flawlessly, and I do my thing without a single error made. I am quite happy with my performance, and wait patiently for the judges decision. Then it comes through, a third place! A ribbon and place at my very first Sydney Royal Easter Show, how amazing.

Such a great effort deserves one more treat for the day. Daddy and I, along with my friend James take off for the rides. James and I top off the day with a ride on the Pirates Revenge ride.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little story of the day. Hopefully I can be back next year to do it all again, and maybe even go a little better.

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