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New Park = Time for a Lappie Play Date

Whenever we visit Sydney, we are so impressed by the number of fenced dog parks and activities available for dogs. Now it has been so exciting to see our local area have it's own entirely fenced play area so it was time to invite all the local Newcastle Lappies to celebrate!

Teeko looking happy and handsome. Photo by Lauren Mills.

Speers Point Park have opened a brand new, beautiful dog park which is being put to very good use, when one of our Lappie pawrents arrived they said "it's like a dog theme park!" All the different types of dogs you could imagine were there and our Lappies had a ball running around, playing and getting pats from everyone. I have included a video created by Lake Macquarie City Council about the new facility.

On the May 28th, we had a rainbow of lappies attend our Pop Up Play Date at Speers Point Dog Park including Annika, Elkie, Leila, Teeko, Meea and Mushka. Thank you so much to all the Lappie pawrents that brought their Lappies out for the afternoon, especially those that travelled! It was wonderful to see all our Lappies being so smiley, their unique personalities really shined through.

Can't wait to meet up again soon! If you have any other dog activities, cafes or locations you love around Newcastle, please share in the comments.

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