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Pop Up Lappie Play Date

Today, Sunday 15th April, we had a very successful Lappie Play Date at Deakin Dog Park in Silverwater. Despite the late notice and the strong winds it was a great turn out, with Orical, Snofyre, Watersedge Kennels and Theldaroy Lappies all representing their breeders with such a range of colours and personalities on the day. Our lovely Lappies were:

- Aila

- Bally

- Cody

- Ilkka

- Jaska

- Jesse

- Kiva

- Mocha & Chino the Japanese Spitz turned Lappie for the day

- Pagan

- Rocket

- Zoe

From the youngest Lappie Aila to the eldest Jesse, they all dominated the entire dog park. They were quick to greet the newest dog entering the park (Lappie or not) with wagging tails, open mouthed play faces, a sense of curiosity and sloppy kisses as it wouldn't be right if each dog didn't get greeted the Lappie way. It was great to see some dog watchers from the Central Coast attend, who by the end learn't a little bit about the breed and got to meet, greet and play with many of the Lappies.

Siblings from the Orical Finlandia Litter Rocket and Ilkka meet up with their brother Cody for the first time since they departed each other and Orical Kiva had some special mother / daughter bonding time with Aila. We had many "chase the Lappie initiators", Zoe happy playing fetch with her pawrents, Aila digging and rolling in the dirt and plenty marking their territories, Mocha keeping an eye over everyone and his special little brother Chino a Japanese Spitz who turned Lappie for the day who joined in on all the fun.

By the end of the meet up after 2 hours of non stop running around all our Lappies left expawsted and headed home for a well earn't afternoon nap. Thanks for all who attended today and apologies to anyone I may have forgotten or any misspelled names. Until next time Lappie Furfriends.....

(L-R) Aila, Zoe, Kiva, Pagan, Cody, Jesse, Chino, Ilkka, Mocha, Rocket

Bally, Rocket, Ilkka

Rocket & Ilkka - Photo Credit: Timothy Chan


Aila & Jaska

Zoe and her ball

Cody & Jesse

Lappie Wolf Pack

Rocket & Mocha

Brothers - Cody, Rocket & Ilkka


Lappies taking over Deakin Dog Park

Jaska & Mocha

Rocket & Ilkka

All giving each other a quick sniff

1 Comment

Lauren Mills
Lauren Mills
Apr 15, 2018

Looks like you all had a fun morning! Beautiful photos too. Thanks for sharing for those of us who couldn't make it!

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